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Water System Cooperation Opportunities Feasibility Study

With the help of a grant from the Washington State Department of Health, the Water System Cooperation Opportunities Project ran from July 2015 through August 2016. The goal was to explore opportunities for cooperative efforts among several water systems on Camano Island. This feasibility study documents this exploration and the resulting recommendations.

This study looked to answer the question: “What types of cooperative working relationships among the many water systems on Camano Island might build capacity, prepare for water emergencies, and enhance operational efficiency so that a safe and abundant drinking water supply is ensured for Camano Island residents?”

The assumption was that the types of cooperation could include interties, emergency preparedness, resource sharing, and selective or complete water system consolidation.

Eight water systems on Camano Island participated in the feasibility study. They took part in several meetings, offered input, and shared information. A professional engineering firm worked with each water system, doing research and analysis to learn its water infrastructure, capacity, strengths, and weaknesses. This research resulted in a comprehensive capital facilities replacement plan for each system, which are detailed in  Appendix C.

Download the sections of the feasibility study as follows:

Or, download the full report (pdf, 7Mb) with all appendixes included.

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Updated 11/4/2016