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Water Rates

The following fee schedule is effective January 1, 2021. The current fee schedule is always published on the back of each water bill.

Water Setup, Transfer, or Close
Water share: $9,500
Admin Fee to record with Island County: $75
Island County filing fee: $203.50 (for first page; extra pages are $1 each)
Developer fee: $3,500
Water availability fee: $100
Hookup to water system: $5,300
Cross-connection control installation (paid by buyer): $900 (Learn more.)
Transfer membership (paid by buyer): $175
Meter reading at closing (paid by seller): $100
Bimonthly Water Charges
Bimonthly metered water usage: $1.10 per 100 gallons
Bimonthly base rate for all members: $90/2 months or $540 annually
See details about 2021 water rates and billing (pdf).

Other Fees
Late payment (per 2 months): $30
Water bill nonpayment (lock/unlock fee): $150
Admin fee per lien: $450
Island County fee (for lien filed or removed): $207
Rental billing name change (nonrefundable): $150
Water theft: $1,000
Water share wait list: $100
Admin fee per hour: $75
Labor fee per hour: $100
Returned check: $50
Returned check bank fee: $12

updated June 28, 2021

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