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Water Rates

The following fee schedule is effective January 1, 2020. The current fee schedule is always published on the back of each water bill.

Membership fee: 9,500
Developer fee: 3,500

Service interruption:
Disconnect (revert to standby): $150
Reconnect (revert to hookup): $350
Turn water off at box: $75
Turn water on at box: $75

Service fees:
Bimonthly base rate for all members: $59/2 months
Bimonthly capital improvement (CIP) for all members: $28/2 months
Bimonthly water usage: 1.00 dollar/100 gallons

Hookup to water system: $5,300

Payment fees:
Late payment fee (per two months): $30
Check return fee: $50
Transfer membership title: $175
County filing fee: $103.50
(for first page; extra pages are $1 each)
Cross-Connection Control fee: $900
Learn more about the CWA Cross-Connection Control program.
Other fees and charges
Billing name change: $150
Water share wait list: $250
Interim meter reading: $100
Admin Fee Per Lien: $450

Island County Fee (Lien Filed and Removed): $207
Water theft: up to $1,000
Hourly rate: $75/hour

Updated 9/30/2019