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News for Camano Water Association members

Helpful info about your water

Water office is open 

The Camano Water Association office, located at 82 W. Monticello, is staffed and open to customers. All CWA employees are fully vaccinated and follow the health guidelines from Island County and the State of Washington.

Office hours are 8 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday, and closed on observed holidays like Independence Day and Labor Day. 

Paying your water bill

You have several options for paying your water bill:

  • Automatic bill pay: Please click to complete the automatic bill pay form and send it to CWA. Get more information.
  • Check payments: Please mail checks or money orders to the CWA office at 82 W. Monticello, Camano Island, WA  98282. You may also deliver checks to the office during open hours or drop them in the drop box located outside the CWA office. Checks are collected daily. 
  • Debit and credit card payments:
    • Click here to make a secure online payment. The processing fee is 3.5% with a minimum of 95 cents. 
    • During CWA office hours, call CWA at (360) 387-9136 to pay over the phone or stop by in person.  The processing fee is 3.5% with a minimum of 95 cents. 
    • Call the TPG bill pay service at (877) 876-1059. TPG hours are Monday to Friday 8 am to 7 pm Central Time and Saturday 9 am to 2 pm Central Time. The processing fee is 5% with a minimum of $3.95.
  • Bank bill pay: Use your financial institution’s online bill-paying service.
  • Cash payments: If you want to pay with cash, please come in to the office during regular open hours. Never mail or drop a cash payment in the drop box. CWA can assume no responsibility for missing funds due to mailing or dropping off a cash payment.

NOTE: Camano Water Association is NOT signed up with any third-party vendors for online payments. If you try to pay your bill with such a service, those funds might not actually get to CWA, you might be charged a service fee, and you might still be responsible for payment. However, CWA does offer automatic bimonthly bill payment and debit/credit card payments as described above.

Late fees and water shut-offs

While late fees and water shut-offs were suspended in March 2020, they began again with the March 2022 billing. Call the CWA office at (360) 387-9136 to make any necessary payment arrangements.  See WAC 480-110-355, “Discontinuing of Service,” for more information. 

Serving the Country Club area

SvcAreaMap2-Jan2023One of more than 300 water systems on Camano Island, Camano Water Association provides water to the County Club service area. The service area is on the east side about halfway down on the island. It serves the Cavalero Estates and Cavalero Hills neighborhoods, south to East Mountain View Road and west up to Lawson Road. Click the image at the right to see the detailed map.

In this Camano Water Association service area are 21 miles of water pipe ranging from 2 to 8 inches in diameter. As of September 2022, Camano Water Association serves 1,181 households.

updated May 30, 2023