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About Us

The mission of the Camano Water Association is to provide members with ample, good quality, domestic water at a reasonable cost.

The Camano Water Association (CWA) is established to provide domestic water for properties within the geographic area (Camano Country Club) served by Camano Water Association.

Board of Trustees guiding principles

  1. Our company treats all membership holders fairly, equally, and consistently.
  2. All membership holders own the system equally (per share).
  3. All membership holders pay for capital maintenance and replacement.
  4. All developers pay for all system extension costs and transfer all improvements to CWA at CWA Standards. CWA sells the memberships at the existing share price.
  5. CWA complies with all standards at the state and national levels.
  6. All membership holders who have water meters pay for all the costs of its production.
  7. CWA produces quality drinking water 100 percent of the time. If not we provide answers.


In July 1952, five persons created a nonprofit corporation: Camano Water Association, CWA, to exist in perpetuity to serve an area of about 1.7 square miles, 1,075 acres, on Camano Island known as the Country Club. The Garrison and Hartman families owned this land, and five of their members became the first Trustees of CWA. Read more history.

Driving directions

  1. From the Seattle area, take I-5 N.
  2. Take EXIT 212 for WA-532 W/Stanwood toward Camano Island.
  3. Turn LEFT onto WA-532 W/Stanwood Bryant Road.
  4. Continue onto E Camano Drive.
  5. Take a slight left to stay on E Camano Drive.
  6. Turn RIGHT at E Monticello Drive.
  7. Destination is 82 W Monticello Drive on the RIGHT.

2022 Board of Trustees

Ron Cooper President Elected through 2024
Gael Fisk Vice President Elected through 2025
Clay Wallace Treasurer Appointed through 2023
John Hale Secretary Elected through 2025
Open Trustee Appointed through 2023
Open Trustee Appointed through 2023


Lenore Heffernan, Business Manager
Dan Peterson, Operations Manager
Andrew Turner, IT Analyst
Vacant, Field Technician

Contact us

Camano Water Association
82 W Monticello
Camano Island, WA  98282

(360) 387-9136 office
(360) 387-3318 fax

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am-3 pm; closed on observed holidays

updated February 21, 2023

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