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Application for Membership

Upon acquiring property within the CWA service area, a person or organization must complete the CWA Application for Membership (pdf) in Camano Water Association for continuation of water service. Click the link to open the CWA Application for Membership (pdf), print it out, complete it, and then mail it along with a check for the membership fee according to the current fee schedule.

Whether new or already existing, this membership and its unique number is attached to that particular parcel and is not transferable separate from the parcel.

For a new property, or for a sale of property with which there is no existing CWA membership, for which the property owner wants to enable water service, the property owner completes the application for membership in CWA and pays the Membership Fee according to the current Fee Schedule.

For an existing membership undergoing a change in property ownership, the Transfer Title Fee and County Filing Fee are charged at close of escrow according to the current Fee Schedule.

Membership purchases shall be made in cash or check. The membership must be purchased and funds validated before the hookup is provided.

In the case of the sale of any Garrison properties (per a special agreement between CWA and Garrison, the previous water company owner), a New Membership Fee is due rather than the Transfer Title Fee. A predetermined number of memberships are guaranteed for Garrison properties.

If no memberships are currently available, the member will be placed on the membership waiting list.

For more detailed information about memberships, click to read the CWA Membership Policies (pdf).

Updated 2/13/11

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